Asian finger foods

Discover Golden Spring Foods’ Asian Finger Foods range – a curated blend of tradition and taste. Crafted with authenticity and premium ingredients, each item is a delightful nod to Asia’s culinary heritage. Dive in and savor the exquisite medley of flavors.


Dimsum Oriental

Dive into Golden Spring Foods’ premium Dimsum range – where tradition meets culinary perfection. Handcrafted with passion and the finest ingredients, every piece is a tantalizing invitation to a world of unmatched flavors. Don’t just taste; indulge in the best of Asian gourmet!


Steamed bun

Step into the luxurious world of Golden Spring Foods’ Steamed Bun collection – the epitome of soft, fluffy perfection. Expertly crafted with premium ingredients, each bun unveils a symphony of delectable flavors. Elevate your palate; savor the unparalleled excellence of our buns!


Japanese style products

Discover Golden Spring Foods’ Japanese-style range – a masterpiece of culinary finesse. Infused with authentic ingredients and age-old techniques, each product offers a genuine glimpse into Japan’s culinary tradition. Enjoy the subtle elegance and flavors of our collection.


Unearth the magic of Golden Spring Foods’ Asian Pastry collection – where tradition meets craftsmanship. Crafted with precision and authentic ingredients, each pastry offers a delightful exploration into Asia’s culinary legacy. Indulge and let your senses savor the rich tapestry of flavors.

Roasted duck

Introducing Golden Spring Foods’ Roasted Duck – a true testament to authentic Asian flavors. Perfectly seasoned and roasted to golden perfection, this duck offers a genuine taste of culinary tradition. Relish the rich, subtle nuances with every serving.